Accommodation is a major part of your experience so, to let you enjoy a more authentic Sikkim, Mahalaya recommends staying with real Sikkimese families in traditional village homestays. Mahalaya selects your home with care, based on the beauty of the place, the charm of your hosts, and the deliciousness of their food. And we ensure that you enjoy touches of familiarity with some creature comforts of home.


Villages in Sikkim are typically comprised of individual homes scattered across the mountain slope. When you arrive, it will be you and the mountains: snow-capped on clear days, misty on others. Your hosts will welcome you in their traditional way—and with so many ethnicities in Sikkim, you may get a different greeting each time!

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Traditional 'shel roti' - a Gurung delicacy - is prepared for breakfast in Darap

Chat with your friendly hosts about life in these remote locations, explore the surrounding land—usually an organic oasis of walnut, mandarin and rhododendron trees, cardamom fields, and seasonal vegetables—or just do nothing in the lap of Mount Khangchendzonga.

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A gazebo amidst mustard fields, provides an idyllic setting to taste the local organic produce, or simply sit still and contemplate

By using a homestay, you establish a bond with warm and welcoming families and experience the full spectrum of life. Wake up to the sounds of the basti (village); listen to cockerels greeting a new day; breathe in crisp air and enjoy simple pleasures; explore monasteries and, in the evenings, cozy up in your warm room or huddle by the kitchen fire.

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Across Sikkim, you'll find traditional dishes prepared with localised nuances that vary sometimes village-by-village

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