The Concept

Mahalaya (Ma-hā-la-ya) literally means ‘great place’ – a place with deep significance, traditionally referring to a place of spiritual pilgrimage.


On the Indian sub-continent this term captures a diverse range of sites. Physically: mountain peaks, hidden caves, sacred lakes, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and Hindu temples, and; figuratively: a renunciation from the expanding cacophony of our everyday distractions, worries, and plans; a retreat from both the past and the future; a heightened awareness that focuses purely on the simplicity of the present moment.


This awareness—a key component of the philosophy of the region—is held center stage and encouraged as we guide our guests into the spiritual heartland of Sikkim—a former kingdom tucked away within the deep folds of the Himalayas.

The Concept

Buddhist nuns perform 'Riwo Sangcho' ('mountain smoke offering'), a centuries-old tradition, on the edge of Lake Khecheopalri

We take our guests on a journey into precision, beyond the ceaseless clamour of our thoughts to unspoiled sites that revive senses and rekindle inspiration.

At Mahalaya we believe that the region’s dharmic heritage is one of its most precious gifts to the world, and that the best way to sustain it, is to share it. By travelling with Mahalaya our guests play a crucial role in helping realize this vision: we not only hope to cultivate individual insights into one’s own wisdom potential, but to turn one into the engine that drives our dream of inspiring a more conscious lifestyle of balance and of wisdom: An understanding that change—in all its forms—is inevitable. What counts is how we deal with it.


At Tashiding, mantras and prayers have been hand-carved and painted on stones as an offering