Meet the Team

Meet the team who continually strive to be of service to you, and who aspire to embody the wisdom that guides Mahalaya’s principles and vision:

The Team


A former history teacher and house master at Takste International School (Sikkim), Dathup Lachenpa is also an amateur footballer who has played for a number of local teams in the state. From the remote and protected area of Lachen, in North Sikkim—and with a keen interest in Sikkimese culture, history, and identity—everything Dathup does is done with the aspiration that he can affect positive and lasting change in his community: He is the Co-Founder of social business, Thread: Lachen Carpets and has played an integral part over the past two years in bringing Project Denjong to life.

Dathup was educated in Gangtok (Sikkim) and in Kolkata (West Bengal), and holds a BA in Political Science from Calcutta University, and a post-grad in the same from Rabindra Bhararti University (Kolkata). Dathup speaks English, Bhutia, Lachenpa, Nepali, and Hindi.

The Team

Dathup Lachenpa

Meet The Founder

Mahalaya Journeys was founded by Pema Choeden Namgyal Abrahams as an offshoot of her non-profit organization Project Denjong.

Of Sikkimese and British parentage, Pema was born in New York City and raised on both sides of the Atlantic. However, in her frequent visits to Sikkim as a child she fostered an attachment and an engagement that continues to grow each day.

Meet The Founder

Pema Abrahams

Both Project Denjong and Mahalaya Journeys use her experience and perspective—that of a local and that of an outsider—to create positive change and lasting benefit for the people and the land to which she feels such a strong connection.


Pema has spent much of the past decade working with Human Rights Watch, in both New York and New Delhi; with The Asia Foundation, in Nepal; and with International Crisis Group in London, before returning to the cultural realm. Previously, in New York City, she worked with the International Center of Photography, and Art on Paper magazine.


She received an MSc in Politics and Conflict Studies, and a certification in International Human Rights Law and Practice, both from the London School of Economics; and a BA in History and Art History from New York University.

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